Learning Machines

Taught by Patrick Hebron at ITP, Fall 2016

Week 7:

Looking Ahead:

In the second half of the semester, we will continue to investigate more elaborate machine learning algorithms while also starting to use a wider range of tools. These two elements as well as in-class workshopping and discussions about machine learning applications will help us to work towards final projects.

In class today, we will:

Hello, TensorFlow:

This week, we will start to explore TensorFlow, using Docker and LaunchBot to streamline our workflow.

If you haven't done so already, please:

Once LaunchBot is running, in the "Clone an external project..." panel, enter the url for our class LaunchBot repo:


In LaunchBot's "Projects" tab, you should now see the launchbot-learning-machines project listed. Select this project and hit "Launch."

The first time you launch a project, it may take awhile to download and build the image.


Research Starting Points: